It bugs us, too

Yesterday was fish order day, and along with the fish we are supposed to get crickets.

Unfortunately, there were no crickets. Yes, we ordered. Yes, our supplier said she would get us what she could. But her supplier didn’t have any crickets big enough to ship.

It’s been four weeks now since we got a shipment of crickets. It’s been much longer than that since we got anything approaching our usual shipment. So the question is, what to feed those reptiles who eat crickets?

Let’s start with mealworms. We carry both small and large ones (super worms), and we’ve bumped up our mealworm order since the cricket troubles started. They’re fattier than crickets, with less protein for the weight, but they do contain some protein.

Omnivorous reptiles, such as beardies, can eat a bit more in the way of veggies and fruit.

Try catching insects, as long as you can be sure they haven’t been exposed to pesticide. Field crickets, moths, smooth-skinned caterpillars (hand-pick those tomato worms – lizards love ’em!), but not grasshoppers. The “tobacco juice” grasshoppers spit in self-defence is toxic. You can try earthworms, too.

Larger lizards can also eat pinky mice to get their protein.

There was, unfortunately, no way to foresee these problems with the cricket supply. We’ll just all have to hang in and improvise until things get back to normal.

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