The Lizards are Coming! The Lizards are Coming!

On September second the Lizard Man is going to visit Animalia, and when he leaves, our stockings will be full of reptiles. All right, our terrariums, maybe. (Lizards squish between your toes.)

We have some chameleons coming in, bearded pygmy chameleons and Kenya pygmy chameleons. These adorable little lizards get to be between 2-3″ long.

We’re getting leopard geckoes and fat-tailed geckoes, armadillo lizards, dwarf geckoes and baby bearded dragons. We’re also expecting some baby Savannah monitors, captive-bred.

In addition, we will finally have BABY RED-EARED SLIDERS! First time in months!

And the most exotic critter coming in is the whip-tailed scorpion, which is not a scorpion, but is called that because it looks like one. These inoffensive and non-venomous animals are probably one of the most interesting invertebrates we’ve ever had outside of salt water.

By Friday morning we should have all of these critters settled into their terrariums and ready to go.

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