This week we received nine dwarf bunnies. The parents look like they weigh two pounds maximum. These little guys are really small – definitely one-hand bunnies – and in a variety of colours, including black and white spotted. 

We also have some large striped Raphael catfish in the pond fish bins near the front of the store, and we’ve moved the large tiger shovelnose cat up there, too.

Now that fall is here and people are back from vacation, things are picking up in the pet store. David’s made good use of the summer quiet to get the store arranged. It’s airy and open, easy to move around in. There are lights on the reptiles and fish now, and Victoria is getting the stock sorted and arranged.

This new location is much better than the old one. Next step – paint! We want to get away from the dull greyish green we inherited and move to some brighter, more cheerful colours.

The cricket orders are starting to increase again. We still don’t know when we’ll get the large crickets in, but we are getting more of the medium ones. This has been rough on everyone, and we appreciate the patience of our customers.

We’ve sold all the specially-priced aquariums. All right, there might be one left, if you get there before someone else does.

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