You could call it eco-effort

Plastic is the Big Bad these days. If Columbus had brought his lunch in a plastic bag in 1492, it would only now be decomposing.

The other kind of plastic is, of course, the debit and credit cards we have all learned to rely on. Debit cards at least have the advantage of taking money straight out of your account, so you know you’ve spent it. You can overdo it, but there’ll be no nasty surprise at the end of the month – no, your nasty surprise will come much, much sooner!

At Animalia, we’re now offering a 10% discount for all purchases made in cash. Yes, we have ulterior motives; whether or not consumers realise it, retailers pay a price for taking debit and credit cards. We’d like to cut our costs, and help you cut yours a bit at the same time.

All right, it doesn’t take any actual plastic out of circulation. To do that, we’d like to suggest that those of you who feed crickets or mice to your critters invest in a reuseable container. A coffee can will work for mice – just punch a few holes in the lid. For crickets, bring a cricket keeper or a plastic bin. We’ll give you five cents of any hopper or adult mouse you buy if you bring your own container, and five cents off any cricket purchase.

And that does help keep plastic out of the landfills.

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