Jailbreak snake

There’s a reason “Houdini” is the most popular name for ball pythons; ball pythons are escape artists par excellence. We don’t have pythons in the store – they’re against the city bylaws – but we found out that other snakes can be just as dedicated at getting out and disappearing from view.

A banded California king snake, locked into a glass terrarium, simply vanished. The terrarium lid was clipped on, the doors closed, latched and locked. David and Victoria looked up along the top edge of the terrarium (where snakes like to lurk) and under the water bowl, and even sifted through the mulch bedding with their hands. Nothing. Nada. Zip, Zilch. The snake was gone – poof! – vanished. It had crawled into a hole and pulled the hole in after it.

Forty-eight hours later, there it was, back in the terrarium, which was still closed, latched, locked and clipped.

Where had it gone? Nobody knows. I would like to be able to report that when it returned, it brought ballpoint pens, car keys and odd socks with it. I mean, it obviously disappeared somewhere, and the black hole that swallows socks and keys and pens seems the obvious choice. Alas, no pens. No socks. But the snake came back, and that’s the main thing.

Its new owner picked it up the same day.

I don’t know if he’s named it Houdini.

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  1. Erin McLeod
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 11:35:37

    Hi Elizabeth:

    I liked your post. That’s wild that he got back in, too. I don’t think I’ll share this information with my mother, though. She’s got a snake terror.


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