Some salt water stuff

Honestly, I sometimes feel that the saltwater stuff goes out faster than I can get it onto the blog! I had some good pictures of things that disappeared almost before I got the pictures home.

Here are some interesting marine items that haven’t yet upped anchor and headed off for some other little artificial ocean.

This is the red-and-green brain coral. Behind it is a finger coral. Although they look hard in the photo, they’re actually soft, and the brain coral, especially, pulses in the water.

The carpet anemone, right, is one of my favourite invertebrates. This one is actually greener than the photo shows. Carpet anemones walk around the tank, so where you let them yesterday may not be where you find them today

The niger trigger is rather camera-shy, but he’s beautiful, with a blue body and blue-black fins.






The orange fan sponge is really bright and showy, great for getting a flash of colour into a reef.

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