Dave saves fish!

David has started doing aquarium maintenance for other people’s tanks. A friend suggested calling this service “Dave Saved My Fish”, but David said, no, how about just “Aquarium Maintenance by Animalia”. Well, he’s the boss, right?

For a flat hourly fee, he does water tests, water changes, gravel vacuuming, filter maintenance and all those basic things that need to be done to maintain the health of a tank. He can also check for disease and parasites, and do emergency maintenance in case of a serious problem.

Most people who have an aquarium in their home can able to handle the basic maintenance; it’s office tanks that usually need help. Where an aquarium has been installed in a waiting room or lobby, there may not be a staff member with sufficient experience or confidence to take care of it. Having someone come in regularly, even if it’s the minimum once a month for a 25% water change, can make all the difference.

Maintaining an aquarium isn’t really difficult, but for those who don’t have time, or who don’t trust their own abilities, an aquarium maintenance service takes the pressure off and allows them to enjoy their aquarium without worrying.

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