Need a cow stripped?

The piranha arrived today. It’s the first time in weeks that we’ve even seen them on any of our suppliers’ lists.

Contrary to their reputation, red-breasted piranha are timid, and far more likely to be hiding out behind the filter than gnashing their teeth at passersby. It takes them a few days to get used to the tank and come out to where they can be seen. Once they do calm down, they can be seen schooling together in the aquarium, waiting for a passing cow to step in.

“If you stick your finger in there, will they attack it?” is the question we’re most often asked. The answer is “no”. Black piranha, now, are another matter altogether. They will bite the hand that feeds them and cleans the tank. The red-breasted ones are very much less likely to bite, especially if they’re well-fed. We do recommend keeping them well-fed, as they’ll turn on each other if they get hungry enough.

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