Savannah monitor

Recently one of our customers had to give up his savannah monitor. He brought in in to us. Currently the lizard is about two feet long, but he’ll grow.

A full-grown savannah is an impressive lizard, up to five feet in length. At the same time, savannahs are very calm and docile, if well-handled. We had another customer whose small daughter used to carry the savannah draped over her shoulder like a doll, and the lizard seemed quite content.

They’re also a handsome lizard, in varying shades of reddish tan to bluish grey. As far as I can tell, “lounge lizard” definitely applies to them, although they can move very fast when they’re warm and motivated. They’re native to Africa, although almost any savannah you get in the pet trade will have been bred in captivity.

Because they get large, they need a lot of food – not as much as a comparably-sized dog, because savannahs are, after all, cold-blooded. Because of that, though, they do need a lot of heat. The ambient temperature needs to be in the 75-80 F (24-27 C)  degree range, and the basking spot should be about 100  F (38 C).

You’ll also need a lot of space for the savannah. A lizard that gets five feet long is probably going to need his own room eventually. The good news is he won’t expect it equipped with cable and internet.

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