Pop goes the weasel!

We have an adorable, friendly, pettable young ferret who has just come in to the store. This is a sable ferret, the dark-coated, dark-eyed variety rather than the albino or any of the more obscure colours. He’s obviously been gently handled because he’s very sweet and tame.

Almost all ferrets in the pet trade are neutered within a few weeks of birth. A ferret can live as long as 12-13 years with good care. They’re a hardy, friendly pet, sleeping about 19 hours a day and fitting an entire twenty-four hours’ worth of energy into the remaining five. A ferret should have a secure sleeping place, such as a cage, so that he doesn’t take off and find his own corner in which to hide and drive you crazy trying to find him. An adult ferret can fit through a 1″ x 2″ hole, so that corner could be just about anywhere!

There are specially formulated ferret foods for these critters, and a high-quality kitten food is also an option.

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