The reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated

The other day David was putting gas into his truck when he met a former customer. She told him that she’d heard from someone that Animalia has closed.


It’s not true – we’re still in business. We just moved from the Zellers Plaza to 601 Second Line East. We’re between Tim Horton’s and the fitness centre, across from Arrow Home Hardware.

We’re still in the phone book; all they’d have to do is call to find out that we’re here. Yes, we moved, but for the month prior to our move we handed out our new address and coupons for a discount at the new store. We have huge signs on the building. Second Line and Great Northern Avenue is the busiest intersection in the city. Apparently 40,000 vehicles go through that intersection every day, and about half of them go past us.

It beats me why anyone would say we’ve closed, but apparently someone has got it into their head that we have, and is passing the information around. I hope it’s just a mistake, and not malice.

For the record, we’re still here.

601 Second Line East



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