When we first opened in 2005, David wanted to have a large selection of birds for our customers to choose from. Eventually we found that while people enjoyed looking at exotic birds, they didn’t really want to buy them, and we phased the birds out. Lately, however, there’s been more interest again, and with the new store we have more space. The birds are sneaking back in.

Unfortunately, the conure eggs were duds. As it was their first clutch, we’re hoping for better luck (or better aim) next time, if someone doesn’t buy the parents first.

In the meantime, in addition to the conure pair, we have other birds available. We have a lutino (yellow) Indian ringnecked parakeet. We also have two mutation peach-faced lovebirds, a normal grey cockatiel and a lutino cockatiel.

Bourke’s parakeets don’t turn up often in the pet trade any more, but they’re worth a look. They’re not showy birds, but they’re pretty, with blue on their foreheads and pink faces. They’re also sweet-tempered and, unlkie many of the parakeets, quiet. We have one.

In finches, we have societies and zebras, cheeky, chirpy and inexpensive to buy and to keep. We also have shaft-tailed finches, and canaries.

Last week we were supposed to get an African Grey chick into the store. He was a special order, but the customer who ordered him didn’t expect to be able to pick him up for a couple of days. Victoria wouldn’t have minded fussing him over in the store for that time, but as it turned out, the kids were so excited about the new bird that they couldn’t wait. We picked him up at the airport and delivered him straight to the customer.

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  1. Erin McLeod
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 11:38:59

    Hi E: I would love to get an African Grey as they’re very smart. However not smart to pair with a budgie and a cat! Let me know if you ever hear of any hand-raised budgie availability. My poor Georgie’s so lonesome he could die. But I refuse to by him a factory babe: the difference between hand raised versus factory/mill in personality is startling, and the last bird I had just seemed like a stressed out robot: it was so sad. I loved her anyway.


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