Thank you and goodbye

This is the last post for Animalia. Again, we want to thank you for the six years we were open, and we particularly want to thank the volunteers.

Several people have emailed us asking about boarding and other services. We are no longer in the pet trade. We will not be working for another pet store. We can no longer board birds or make recommendations or pass on messages. That phase of our lives is over, and we are on to new things. We have maintained friendships with some of you – you know who you are – but we can no longer provide the advice we used to give when the store was open.

Several people have also asked us where Jack and Lily are. They are both in new homes, where they’re very happy. Further than that we will not say, to protect the privacy of the people who now have them. It’s not fair to them to tell everyone that they have Jack or Lily and open them to the demands of people who want to visit. We understand that many people loved both birds – we loved them ourselves and were simply not able to keep them. It’s best to let them have their new homes in peace.

We know we’ll be missed – we’ve been told many times, and we appreciate knowing that. We’d like to think that Animalia made a difference for people, that we gave good information and provided good products and service. We enjoyed it while we were there; now we need to move on. Thanks for understanding that.

David and Elizabeth

Thank you all

We’re closed and gone now. There’s still a bit of stuff to move out of the store, but Animalia is over. We just want to thank everyone for six and a half years of your business. It’s time for us to get on with our lives and do other things. We will not, as far as we know, be going back into the pet trade, either independently or working for others.

To our anonymous benefactor – thank you! That was very kind of you.

Thanks again to our customers, and to our volunteers. Our volunteers were so much a part of the store, right from the beginning, and we saw many of you grow up and turn from kids into young women and men. We’ll miss you guys a lot. If any of you need a letter of reference, you can contact us by commenting here.

All the best,

David, Elizabeth, Jack, Lily and Sky.

Last two days

We still have some baby budgies and robo hamsters, as well as terrariums and aquariums at great prices. After Sunday at 5:00 pm, the doors at Animalia will be closed for good.

Great deals, last week for Animalia

David has 10-gallon tanks on for $5.00 each.
Atasuki terrariums are below cost, same for any cages or dog crates left.
There are still some cat carriers available, and lots of collars and leashes.
Everything in the store, including the fish and the tortoises, is 50% off.

We’re closing

It’s sad but true – Animalia is closing. Everything is 50% off, and the last business day is Sunday, November 20th, 2011.

Thank you to all our customers for the last six years.

Jack and Lily will be going to new homes.

The Lizards are Coming! The Lizards are Coming!

On September second the Lizard Man is going to visit Animalia, and when he leaves, our stockings will be full of reptiles. All right, our terrariums, maybe. (Lizards squish between your toes.)

We have some chameleons coming in, bearded pygmy chameleons and Kenya pygmy chameleons. These adorable little lizards get to be between 2-3″ long.

We’re getting leopard geckoes and fat-tailed geckoes, armadillo lizards, dwarf geckoes and baby bearded dragons. We’re also expecting some baby Savannah monitors, captive-bred.

In addition, we will finally have BABY RED-EARED SLIDERS! First time in months!

And the most exotic critter coming in is the whip-tailed scorpion, which is not a scorpion, but is called that because it looks like one. These inoffensive and non-venomous animals are probably one of the most interesting invertebrates we’ve ever had outside of salt water.

By Friday morning we should have all of these critters settled into their terrariums and ready to go.