FAQs – store and staff

The number one most frequently-asked question:

“Is Dave there?”

Yes, at the moment Dave is there, every day.

“What kind of bird is Jack?”

Jack is an umbrella cockatoo. He was born in Canada in 1989. We don’t know exactly when his birthday is, so we pegged it at July 1st. That way we won’t be more than six months out, and also he gets a national holiday for his birthday!

Jack lived with one owner for his first fifteen years, and was obviously well-loved. Unfortunately, the owner had a day job, and Jack screamed because he was lonely. The neighbours complained, and Jack had to go. He went through several homes in quick succession before he came to live at Animalia in 2005. The pet store is perfect for him because he gets attention all day from lots of people.

“What about Lily?”

Lily is also an umbrella cockatoo, one year younger than Jack.

Lily came to us about two years ago. Cockatoos are about as intelligent as a human three-year-old, and also about as mature. Lily was jealous and bit her owner’s small child, which is how she came to live with us. She was very upset and shy for a long time after coming to Animalia, and didn’t want to be petted. Now she’s far more outgoing and will say “Pretty bird” to people to make them talk to her.

“Do they talk?”

Yes, they do. Cockatoos aren’t great talkers, but Jack has picked up quite a few words in the last five years. He can say “hello”, “hi”, “Jack”, “Jack’s a good bird”, “I love you”,”Bye-bye”, “What’re you doing?” (which he usually says to Victoria). He also says “David”, “Elizabeth”, “Victoria” and “Sky”, and barks when he wants Sky to play with him.

Lily’s best phrase is “Pretty bird”, which she says when she wants attention. She says other things too, although mush less frequently. When she says “Hello”, which is Jack’s most frequently-used word, she says it in Jack’s voice.

Other questions

“Do you take fish/birds/reptiles/other animals?”

We buy some fish and reptiles from local breeders, as well as chinchillas and other small mammals. We don’t take kittens or puppies.

We will sometimes take fish back if they have become too large for their aquarium, or if someone wants to get rid of pond fish at the end of the summer. We will almost always take a large plecostomus. Call David first! If you walk in with a bucket of fish and have not prearranged it with David, chances are we won’t take them. And if your oscar has outgrown its 35-gallon tank, we definitely can’t take it.

We have taken birds and reptiles when people need to  get rid of them. Again, please call David first. We don’t take large iguanas.

We cannot take pythons or boas or any other animal which is prohibited in Sault Ste Marie.

“Will you buy my fish/bird/rabbit/snake?”

That depends on whether we believe we can sell it. Each case is individual. Speak to David.

“Will you buy my used equipment?”

We don’t deal in used equipment, and we generally have enough aquariums,  terrariums and cages of our own. We do, however, allow people to post equipment and pets for sale on our notice board. Or we will, as soon as we get a notice board up. We haven’t yet figured out where to put this in the new store.

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