Grooming and Boarding

We board birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and small mammals other than cats and dogs.
Please call us at 949-7387 a day or two ahead of time so we can prepare a cage or terrarium for your animal.


Mammals – $3.00 per day per animal
Reptiles and amphibians – $3.00 per day per animal. If two small reptiles can be housed in the same terrarium and require the same care, the rate is $4.00 per terrarium per day.
Birds – $3.00 per bird per day for cockatiels and larger birds. If two budgies or two or more finches can be housed in the same cage and require the same care, the rate is $4.00 per cage per day.
Fish – $3.00 per aquarium per day. Please call ahead about fish – the farther ahead, the better!

Rates include feeding and watering, cage or terrarium cleaning, all bedding, heat, light etc. We do try to handle animals who are boarding and give them companionship if they require it. Please let us know if you do not want your animal handled.

If your animal requires a special diet, or has feeding or handling restrictions, please inform us before you leave the animal with us. Please write down any special instructions we may need.


We do wing, beak and nail trims for birds, nail trims for reptiles and for small mammals except dogs and cats. Why should your bird or animal hate you for a nail trim? Let it hate us instead!

Please call 949-7387 for an appointment. We can’t take walk-ins if the store is busy.

Nails – $10.00 per animal
Beaks – $10.00 per bird
Wings – $10.00 per animal
Nails and Beak, Nails and Wings, Beak and Wings – $15.00 per bird
Nails, Beak and Wings – $25.00 per bird

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