Fish day tomorrow!

There’s have been some changes in the fish delivery. The fish now arrive on alternate Thursdays instead of alternate Wednesdays. This change is reflected in the page on deliveries.

What’s coming in tomorrow? Well, that still remains to be seen, but I can tell you what we’ve ordered.

We’re expecting three kinds of gourami – chocolate, golden honey and red honey.

We’ve ordered our usual neon tetras, and also neon gold barbs, as well as male and female bettas.

Look for long-nosed loaches, microrasboras, otocinclus and assorted platys, as well as some Metynnis silver dollars. We’re also expecting Thailand glass catfish.

And of course we’ve ordered the crickets and other feeders, including ghost shrimp.

Please remember that the order usually doesn’t arrive until around three in the afternoon.

Fries with that?

Just kidding – tomorrow is fish day, and David has both fresh- and salt-water fish arriving. Here’s what’s on order:

In freshwater, flower horn cichlids. We don’t get these very often. We’ve also ordered fancy guppies, figure-8 puffers and green-spotted puffers, glass catfish and clown knifefish in addition to tetras, barbs and mollies.

In saltwater, it’s invertebrate day. We’re expecting five different kinds of anemone, and four corals in addition to assorted mushrooms and feather-duster worms. We’re also expecting a sea apple. If you haven’t seen one of these brilliantly-coloured invertebrates, pop around and take a look.

On the fish side, two different triggers, a tang, a rabbit fish and a white ghost eel are on order.

Remember that if you buy fish in the bag, before they go into our tanks, then we give you 10% off because you saved us the trouble of catching them. You also save stress on the fish, particularly marine invertebrates, because they don’t have to be dripped twice in one day.

Crickets, mealworms, feeder fish and frozen rodents are also on this order, and we have ordered two dozenĀ silkworms andĀ hornworms. These go quickly when they come in.