Go to your room!

We can say that to the fish now! The fish room has been insulated and wired, lights are up and the freshwater fish have been moved into ten-gallon tanks under lights.

We’ve also been bringing in salt water fish again. There are some lovely tangs, one Naso and one 4″ long regal tang (also called a blue tang). We have ocellaris clowns again, and blue damsels, and coral-banded shrimp.

This moving business just takes more time than we expected. Somehow, for every hour in the day there are two hours’ – or more – worth of tasks to be done. But things are really coming together now, with a reptile section set up and the fish room now open. Jack and Lily have an open window (with a cage over it) for some fresh air, the tortoises are set up in their own little habitat and there’s iced tea in the fridge. Yes!

The tortoises are hare – um, here

Today we received five tortoises: a pair of redfoots, a pair of three-toeds, and one yellowfoot.

The redfoots and yellowfoot will get to be between eighteen and twenty inches long; the three-toeds will be six to eight inches long at full size. They are vegetarian in the main, although they’ve eaten mealworms from time to time. They seem to be fond of melon, mushrooms, the mache salad greens (picky little beggars!), blueberries, strawberries, grapes and bananas.

It’s only recently that tortoise keepers have known the proper conditions for these animals, so we really don’t know their maximum lifespan in captivity. Thirty to forty years is a good guess on the time commitment you make when you take home a tortoise.

The three-toeds are proven breeders, and the redfoots have been courting, so we think there may be eggs in their future. In the meantime, they’re set up at the front of the store in their own large pen.